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2000-Year-Old Honey Cake

Day 158 (3rd February)

I aspire to be Ann Reardon. She has my dream job and studied what I hope to study in college. Also, she's so wholesome!!

In one of her videos, she mentioned the recipe for a 2000-year-old cake. Naturally, I was intrigued. I mean, cakes are that old?

This is a recipe from Pompeii, and the ingredients are a bit old fashioned. I used modern tools, though. I can't imagine having to grind wheat every time I want to bake.

One unusual ingredient this recipe required was wine. Unfortunately, as has been the case every time I've asked my mom, I cannot use wine in cakes. I substituted the wine for white vinegar. The vinegar did give the cake a slightly acidic taste, but I drenched it in honey after baking, so it balanced out.

This 2000-year-old cake is not a cake I would regularly bake — making it once was enough for me. It was a fun experience, but I'd stick to using electric whisks and modern leavening agents.

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