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A Dessert Made With Oreos

Day 185 (2nd March)

I just kind of went with this one — I did whatever my heart desired. I mixed a bunch of crushed Oreos, mascarpone cheese, Oreo cream, whipped cream, and sugar till it tasted "right." My aim for this was to utilise ingredients I already had in my kitchen.

For the base, I used crushed Oreo biscuits and melted butter.

After letting this set in the fridge for only half an hour, I took it out. I then proceeded to melt some compound chocolate and make squiggles. After the chocolate hardened in about five minutes, I put it on top of the cake? Dessert?

This Oreo dessert was delicious. My dad called it "one of the best things I've made." Too bad I didn't note down the recipe.

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