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A Roti Burrito (TM)

Day 299 (24th June)

Okay, so we came back from Aurangabad, but it looks like all the food I ate there caused me to have a stomach ache.

To ease my pain, I made this delicious healthy wrap (burrito?)!

Here's the recipe:

Recipe (One Serving)


  • One tablespoon of roti (chapati) dough (To make roti dough, follow this recipe)

  • Half a cup of leftover sabzi (if you don't have any leftovers, you can chop up about half a cup of tomato and cucumbers. Add a tablespoon of yoghurt and chaat masala to it, and you're golden!)

  • One tablespoon of yoghurt

  • Half a teaspoon of chaat masala

  • Half a teaspoon of black salt


1) Roll out the dough as thin as you can without tearing the roti.

2) Cook the roti on a non-stick pan on high heat for about a minute (flipping halfway).

3) Cook the roti on the gas directly (about 15 seconds on each side; until you start seeing brown spots).

4) Add your toppings to the middle of the roti and tuck and roll like a burrito. Do this as soon as you get the roti out of the pan because it will start to harden. You won't get a perfect burrito but just make sure the roti is sealed.

5) Add the roti-burrito to the air-fryer for 5 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

6) Top with the leftover vegetable mix.

7) Combine the yoghurt, chaat masala, and black salt.

8) Add it to your roti-burrito and enjoy!

That's all. This was honestly amazing.

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