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Air-fried Chickpeas

Day 153 (29th January)

The air fryer is everyone's new obsession. I am no exception. It's basically like a teeny oven, and I love it!

I've also been trying to explore healthier recipes these days. So, when I came across a recipe for air-fried chickpeas, I knew I had to try it out!

This snack is quite simple to make. Though, it does require a bit of planning since you have to soak the chickpeas for about eight hours. Then, all you need to do is air fry them with a little bit of oil and spices of your choice (I used chaat masala, salt, pepper, and piri-piri).

The chickpeas did come out tasting a bit "raw." My mom's told me to boil them next time BEFORE air-frying them, and I think that's sound advice. Boiling the chickpeas would cut the "raw" taste.

When I was taking the picture, I accidentally dropped my snack bowl on the floor. :( Five-second rule, though?

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