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Almond Butter Is Just Almonds

Day 152 (28th January)

Who knew? All you have to do is roast the almonds to secrete their oils and blend for a very long time. Every recipe I saw told me that "you have to blend the almonds for more time than you think you have to."

Only while making the butter did I realise how long one has to blend the almonds for. I was standing in the kitchen above the food processor for the better part of twenty minutes. Crazy.

Tastewise, I think it's just okay. A little worse than peanut butter. Definitely a healthier alternative, though.


1) Roast about 40 almonds in the oven at 180 degrees celsius until darkened or for about ten minutes in the air fryer at 200 degrees celsius.

2) Blend them in the food processor till you make almond butter.

Note: Please blend for only 2 minutes at a time — enough time to scrape the sides and give the food processor a break.

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