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Day 86 (23/11): Almond Flour

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Okay, I get how this is not technically baking, but please give me a teenie break. 😭 I wanted to make almond flour to test out a macarons recipe, so I decided to add it to the blog as a 365-day recipe. And it turned out to be useful since almond flour is so simple to make at home! It also saves quite a bit of money since store-bought almond flour is so expensive.

I took about a cup of almonds, soaked them in boiling water for two minutes, washed them under running water, dried them with a towel, took off their skins, toasted them in a pan for four minutes, cooled them, ground them using a blender, and then finally strained them through a strainer. This is the detailed recipe. And is that really a fifty-word grammatically correct sentence? Heck yeah!

The most fun part was, believe it or not, taking off the skins! My dad and I had a competition to see who could take off the skins faster, and I won. B) He's a master at taking off almond skins since he does it every day, but I figured out a secret trick — squeezing the base of the almond to push off the peel.

I like this picture! Especially considering that the bowl is laying on a towel :o

Keep your eyes peeled to see some macarons (using this almond flour) in the next few blog posts!

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