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Almond Milk Pancakes Are Yum

Day 209 (26th March)

Only a few months ago, almond milk was my sworn enemy — my nemesis. Now, I kind of like it. It's important to remember that it won't exactly taste like cow milk, but it has a different taste that you can use to supplement other food.

I've been using it in baked goods instead of cow milk, using it in my coffee, etc., and it gives a "nuttier," more almond-like taste to it, which I really like!

While I wouldn't exactly call these almond milk pancakes healthy, they are a great substitute for people that are lactose intolerant. They taste similar to regular pancakes.

I used a recipe by The Big Man's World and decorated my pancakes with a cocoa-almond spread (thinned out with almond milk) and some dried berries.

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