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Avni's Birthday Cupcakes

Day 165 (10th February)

It's Avni's birthday tomorrow!! Avni is my friend. Yay!

Lol, she's one of my only friends, so I had to make something for her birthday. She reminds me of the colour blue, so I decided to make caramel cupcakes with blue frosting. (Also, this is not some random Avni-blue correlation. She reminds me of 7th grade me, who was obsessed with Percy Jackson. Percy Jackson = blue. Therefore, Avni = blue).

I cranked these suckers out in less than two hours. The original plan was to send them over on her birthday, but I was feeling strangely productive, so I sent them in earlier. Shoutout to Avni's mom, who helped me sneakily get these cupcakes delivered to her house. :)

I highly doubt that you're going to be reading this, Avni, but if you are, hi!

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