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B-ay-gel or Bag-el?

Day 346 (10th August)

I made bagels today! I used this recipe, and I was pretty happy with the results.

Just before baking the bagels, I topped them with cinnamon and brown sugar. After baking, I filled them with cream cheese and Biscoff (is this even a surprise at this point?).

8/10, would recommend.

Now onto the more important questions of life:

What's the difference between bagels and doughnuts?

  • Bagels are traditionally baked while doughnuts are traditionally fried

  • Bagels are boiled while doughnuts are not

  • Doughnuts usually have fat in the dough while bagels do not

  • Bagels are usually made with a high-gluten flour while doughnuts are not

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