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Day 97 (04/12): Banoffee Pie

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

I made this for my parents' anniversary! Their anniversary is on the 2nd of December, but I was busy a few days before and after their anniversary, so I decided to make them a nice banoffee pie once I had the chance. I have been really into Babish's videos these days because a) they're addicting, and b) he shows his failures (wait c) I like his bald head). I appreciate that because it's important to remember that even the best cooks with millions of subscribers can and do fail.

I used a pastry ring instead of a tart mould. The pie did come out looking a bit rustic, but I still really liked the way it looked!

Also, side note, if you're using a can for the dulce de leche, please make sure that the edges are not sharp. I speak from experience... and a bloody finger.

This flower background is my new favourite background!

I genuinely loved this pie so so much! Happy anniversary, parents. :D

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