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Birthday Brownies

Day 253 (9th May)

Nom nom brownies :D

I feel like I creep out everyone that chances upon this blog. Oh well.

It's Aadya's birthday! And even though, through a sad turn of fate, I wasn't able to make it to her party, I decided to make some brownies for her. Apparently, people in school like it when I bring food?

I used the base from this CupcakeJemma recipe. This time, I decided to experiment with half cocoa powder and half drinking chocolate. Worst mistake of my life. I now get why everyone asks you to use unsweetened chocolate. Using drinking chocolate made the brownies way too sweet.

I served myself a slice from the side with some almond ice cream. Baker's tax.

Anyway, happy birthday, Aadya! Hope you enjoyed :D

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