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Brownies With Flaked Almonds

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Day 296 (21st June)

I loved the brownies I made today! As y'all should know, I used the base recipe from the CupcakeJemma cookie dough brownies (also, they are releasing a new book!!! I'm so excited!), but I didn't have an electric whisk to whisk up the eggs, so I used my powerful muscles to whip them up with a fork.

I added some flaked almonds on top. They did bake for a teeny bit longer than I would like, but that was okay! They still turned out delicious.

I shared them with the staff at Taj, Aurangabad. Haha, all of us had a blast eating the brownies!

Till next time!

(If you want to make the brownies, here are the ingredients (halved) for reference:

55 grams of dark chocolate

55 grams of butter

110 grams of powdered sugar

1 egg

40 grams of maida

15 grams of cocoa powder

2 grams of baking powder)

Edit: I used flaked almonds in the main body of the post, but flaky almonds in the title? I don't know, man.

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