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Bubble Pillow Potatoes: The Perfect After-school Snack

Day 228 (14th April)

These were so cute that I almost didn't want to eat them! I put my own twist to the trending bubble potatoes.

First off, I "boiled" a potato in the microwave. I just poked holes in it and microwaved it for 7 minutes (flipping halfway through). You could use a pressure cooker, but I'm deathly scared of them now! :D The microwave is just a little bit better.

Peel your potato after boiling it. Then, add 3/4 of a tablespoon of flour and the same quantity of corn starch. If it's too dry, feel free to add water! Then, add salt and pepper to your liking.

Shape the mixture into small cubes. Fry in canola oil (or any other neutral oil) for about five minutes (or until golden brown).

Enjoy :)

Also, I didn't have school yesterday, but I'm still choosing to call this the perfect after-school snack because it's my blog. You can't STOP ME. I'M UNCONTROLLABLE.

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