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I'm Not In Tiers: Caramel Cake

Day 125 (1st January 2022)

Happy New Year!! We finally returned from our trip to Mussoorie, so I made this cake as a late-night snack for my cousins who are going back to Mumbai.

I had fun playing around with my batch of blue gel colours and some leftover caramel I found in the fridge (Honestly, I have no idea how old this caramel is. It tasted okay, so here's to hoping we don't get food poisoning).

I mixed and matched a bunch of recipes to make this. For the actual cake itself, I baked a swiss roll using this recipe. I cut out circles, put caramel between each layer, and used smbc (this recipe is the best smbc recipe I've come across) as the frosting!

We said a tearful goodbye to our cousins while stuffing our faces with cake. Fun.

Added a birthday candle on top for giggles :o

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