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Caramel Cupcakes :o

Day 156 (1st February)

Happy February, everyone! My exams are about to start, so my February isn't all that happy :( Haha, I'm kidding! Not really, though.

Anyway, this post is of another caramel cupcake order. I can't say I have much to write about the recipe anymore, but what I can do is tell you some fun facts about caramel:

1) Caramel was first discovered in 1000 AD by the Arabs — who knew caramel was as old as time?

2) Caramel (with lemon juice and salt) was a part of the hair removal technique of the Ottoman Empire.

3) Henri Le Roux in the 1960s created the first caramel candy in the 1960s.

4) National Caramel Day is on March 19th!

5) Milton Hershey began his chocolate empire with caramel — not chocolate!

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