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Chocolate Mousse To Die For

Day 321 (16th July)

Y'all, I peaked.

Recipe (For Twelve Servings)


One cup of whip topping

A quarter cup of powdered sugar (adjust to taste)

One teaspoon of gelatin

One tablespoon of cold water

Two tablespoons of room temperature water

25 grams of dark chocolate

Two to three tablespoons of cocoa (I used 2 1/2 tablespoons, but you can adjust according to taste)


1) Sprinkle the gelatin over the tablespoon of cold water and let it bloom.

2) Whip the whip topping for about three minutes until medium-stiff peaks form.

3) Add the rest of the water to the gelatin mixture. Microwave it for thirty seconds until fully dissolved.

4) Add the gelatin mixture to the whipped cream. Whip until just combined.

5) Melt the dark chocolate in a microwave for thirty seconds or until just melted.

6) Add the melted chocolate to the whipped cream. Mix until just combined.

7) Sift the powdered sugar and cocoa powder into the whipped cream. Mix until just combined.

8) Adjust the cocoa powder and sugar to taste.

9) Pipe the mousse into small glasses and chill overnight.

10) Serve cold. Enjoy!

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