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Churr' All I Need: Making Churros For The First Time!


Churros, also known as tejeringos, are a delicious fried dough dessert originating from Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. Churros taste like cinnamon doughnuts, with a light and fluffy middle- which provides a unique contrast to the crispy exterior!

I don’t particularly remember loving churros as a child. It was my cousin's favourite dessert and, between you and me, I thought she had hyped it up too much. Though, my tastes have definitely changed since I couldn’t seem to get enough of this delicious recipe!

The churros took me around two hours to make (whatnot with the piping and all!), but I would say they were worth the time. If you are looking for a fun Sunday afternoon project, I'd recommend going with these churros. Also, it doesn't hurt that they would probably utilise the ingredients you have lying around at home!



For this recipe by Nino's Home, the ingredients you will need are:


Water - 150 ml

Sugar - 20 g

Unsalted Butter - 40 g

All-purpose Flour - 110 g

Eggs - 2

Cooking Oil - Around 1 ½ cups

Chocolate Dip

Dark Chocolate - 50 g

Sugar - 25 g

Milk - 120 ml

Cornflour - 4 g

Water - 10 ml


  • Though unsalted butter is preferred, you can use salted butter as well (due to the small amount).

  • All-purpose flour is maida and not atta.

  • Cornflour is another name for cornstarch.

Special tools:

You will also require a piping bag, a piping tip, kitchen tongs, and a kitchen scale. A skimmer is also ideal, though, you can make the churros without them.



1. Take out all the ingredients. Make sure you have everything before starting!

2. Then, in a pot, add the water, sugar, and unsalted butter.

3. Turn on the stove to medium heat. Place the pot on the stove. Wait for the butter to melt and the mixture to come to a boil.

4. Turn the stove to low heat, and then add the all-purpose flour.

5. With the pot still on the stove, mix the flour well till it forms a dough. Make sure to get all of the dough wet!

6. Mix until the dough is smooth. Then, turn off the heat and transfer your dough to another dish. If your dough is still dry, add a splash of water and continue to mix the dough on the heat for a few more minutes.

The dough may stick to the pot as pictured

7. Spread the dough out evenly in the dish and wait for 10 minutes to cool down.

You can utilise the waiting period to make the chocolate dip! Alternatively, you may choose to do this after step 13.

8. In a small bowl, mix the cornflour and the water well. Make sure it is well-mixed

(no residue at the bottom of the bowl).

9. Taking another pot, add in the dark chocolate, sugar, and milk.

10. Place the pot on the stove and heat the mixture on medium heat. Constantly whisk.

Keep in mind that if you don't do so, the chocolate will burn.

11. Pour the cornflour mixture into the pot while stirring.

12. When the mixture thickens and bubbles, take it off the heat and put it into a dish to

enjoy later.

13. Once your dough has cooled, crack one of the eggs into it. Mix it slowly with a spatula.

Don't worry! The dough will come together

Kneading this dough will take some time. The egg and the dough may not start to come together at first, but don't stop! If kneading by hand is more comfortable for you, go ahead!

14. Once the dough comes together, repeat the process with another egg.

It takes around five minutes for the process to finish. It will look thick and not too gooey.

15. Take out a piping bag (two, if the bags aren't as thick), and place the piping tip in it.

Put the dough into the piping bag(s).

If you do not want to fry the churros now, keep them in the fridge overnight!

16. Take out small pieces of wax paper and pipe the churros on them.

17. Pour some oil in a frying pot, and wait till you start to see a few bubbles.

18. Then, gently place the churros (with the wax paper) into the pot. Use the kitchen

tongs to pick up the wax paper.

19. Fry the churros till they are golden brown. Take them out using the kitchen tongs

or a skimmer.

20. Arrange the churros on a fancy plate. Take out the chocolate dip, and enjoy!

So, this is what the churros ended up looking like! They are a treat to the eyes and the mouth!

Take a Polaroid to mark the occasion!



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