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Cold & Chewy

Day 315 (10th July)

Who doesn't love a cold, chewy treat on a hot summer day? (Side note: if you said yes, we can't be friends.)

Anyway, I made this mango mochi using two different recipes. First, I made a standard mochi dough using glutinous rice flour, sugar, yellow food colouring, and water. If you're looking for a detailed recipe, click here.

Then, I moved on to making a mango jam! I tried making a less sweet jam because I was going to be stuffing the mochis with vanilla ice cream anyway. This is the mango jam recipe I used. I used the teeniest proportions, but it still worked out.

For assembling the mochi, I filled it with mango jam and vanilla ice cream and then let it sit in the freezer for about half an hour. Yum!

Also, does anyone remember the game Moshi Monsters? Every time I eat mochi, I think of that game. Hmm.

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