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Crepes Or Crêpes?

Day 301 (26th June)

Okay, so I wanted to make a crepe cake. But I got distracted, so I just made a crepe tower. Win-win because it still tasted delicious.

I used a cake ring to make the crepes perfectly round. Though, using the cake ring did mean that they would be a bit thicker.

I used this crepe recipe to make about six(?) crepes. While stacking them, I added a layer of lemon curd (leftover queen) and chopped apricots and plums between each crepe. Maybe a peach or two as well. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between apricots and peaches. Unless I sink my teeth into them, of course.

10/10 breakfast. I recommend you to try it now before I come and force-feed these crepes to you.

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