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Daifuku: Mochi

Day 222 (8th April)

I swear this was fate. I have wanted to make mochi for MONTHS, but glutinous rice flour is always out of stock. It's so annoying.

But when we went out for my birthday dinner, I found glutinous rice in the store? So, of course, I had to grind it up to make my own flour.

Mochi is so easy to make, and I did start making this early today (9th) morning. :o Little bit of a cheat, but it was my birthday, so I'm absolving myself of the guilt.

Anyway, it took hardly any time, and they taste HEAVENLY.

I used leftover custard from the macarons, and the mochi recipe was from this website (I substituted the site's custard with the leftover custard).

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