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Day 11 (09/09): Gravity-defying Cake

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

For day 11, I made a gravity-defying cake. It was my nani's birthday and to celebrate, I wanted to make a special cake.

Gravity-defying cakes are cakes that seem intimidating to make. While this wasn't a "piece of cake" (hehe), it wasn't too hard, either. The most difficult part was sticking the gems to the straw. Most bloggers I came across used chocolate ganache or chocolate icing, but the gems quickly fell when I used that method. The weather was hot, and that was causing the chocolate to melt.

I used an adhesive to stick gems to the straw. While this may not seem like an ideal case, it worked for me. You just have to be careful while taking the straw out of the cake. As an additional precaution, mark the gems you have glued onto the stick with a black dot. That way, even if gems fall onto the cake, you can easily differentiate them from other gems.

First, I made two 6-inch cakes using this recipe by Sally's Baking Addiction.

Then, I let the cakes set overnight.

In the morning, I started by making this icing. Right after I finished making the icing, I crumb-coated the cake with it.

I let the cake set in the fridge for about an hour. Then, I decorated the sides with Kit-Kats and filled the centre with gems.

Then, I stuck gems to a straw. I slid a chopstick through the straw hole and stuck the whole contraption in the middle of the cake.

I added a wrapper on top, and it was done!

I've added a few pictures from the celebration below!

In this picture, you can see what I meant by dotting the gems

Nani with the cake!

It was early in the morning – that's why we look so sleepy!

A slice of the cake

See you tomorrow for a surprise!

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