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Day 19 (17/09): Lunchbox Cakes

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Oh my god, can everyone listen up? I am in LOVE with these lunchbox cakes! These are so perfect – the time it takes, the size, the simplicity, the way you can eat it in one go, and I can go on and on with this!

I made these cakes for my baking workshop for the week – and they were a hit. They're excellent to practice new cake decoration styles on, and kids love taking their mini cake home. :)

I used Sally's vanilla sheet cake batter to make the cake. I also got the chance to use my new pastry rings (the same size I used for the jello mousse) to cut out the cakes. I could comfortably cut out six circles for three cakes.

There will be quite a bit of cake leftover, but don't worry about it. You could eat it with whipped cream (this is what I recommend) or freeze it and make cake pops. I'll be making the cake pops in a few days, so look out for that post!

I used plain buttercream to fill the inside and frosted the top using piping tips. My piping tips are usually small for a normal-sized cake, but they were just the right size for this cake.

The cake came together in a snap! I would 100% make another lunchbox cake.

Here are some pictures of the cakes:

Let me know if you try them!

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