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Day 21 (19/09): Cinnamon Roll Cookies

For day 21, I made cinnamon roll cookies. I wanted to make different kinds of cookies for my brother to carry to college, but I could only make the cinnamon roll cookies. I had two projects due over the weekend, so my hands were tied. :( I'll send some over as a care package, though – a possible day 50 celebration?

The cinnamon roll cookies took a long time to bake. Usually, I pop cookies/cakes in at 175-180C, even if the recipe calls for more. Ever since the cake exploded on day 2, I'm not willing to take any chances. So, even though the recipe called for 190C, I used 180C. This caused the cookies to bake much, much slower. But as long as they didn't burn or explode, I was okay with it! It took me around half an hour to bake the cookies. I left them in the oven for a while, which caused them to brown a little.

The cookies! :)

Nevertheless, they did taste quite delicious! Kind of like a sweeter version of the store atta biscuits. They transported me back to my childhood adventures at my nani's house. I loved scoffing all the biscuits before anyone else even got a chance to look at them. Haha, good days.

See you tomorrow!

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