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Day 26 (24/09): Chocolate Lava Cake

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

On day 25, I made chocolate lava cake! If you live in India, you know that Domino's choco lava cake is one of the most popular fast-food restaurant desserts. So, I was quite excited to try out a homemade version of the cake – possibly make it better than Domino's?

I used John Kanell's Chocolate Lava Cake recipe. The recipe calls for baking the cakes for about 8-12 minutes, which did not work out for me at all. The first time, I underbaked the cake.* It wasn't that big a deal, so I baked another one. But it once again came out underbaked (fool me once...). Haha, no shade to Preppy Kitchen, though – John did ask us to do a test batch to see how it would work.

The third time, I baked the cake for about 5 minutes extra. I maybe overshot since the inside of the cake wasn't entirely melted, just slightly gooey. Still yum, though!

I would try this again to perfect the recipe. After all, I now know the times that I don't have to use. 🙃

See you tomorrow for a (fingers crossed) better recipe!

*To clarify, the cake is supposed to be underbaked, but it didn't hold its shape the first two times.

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