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Day 31 (29/09): Meringue Cookies

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

On day 31, I made meringue cookies! I used this recipe by John Kanell. The ingredients were basic pantry ingredients, and the cookies whipped up in a snap.

The only part I struggled with was the piping, because the tips I have are smaller than normal. Seriously, I need to stop complaining about this and invest in some new ones. I did have one note on the recipe, though – the cookies take around 2 hours to properly bake instead of the one mentioned.

I would recommend this recipe if you're looking for something quick and fun to make. It tastes like cotton candy and melts in your mouth. :)

I added some sprinkles on top for them to look cute. :D

See you on day 32 for chocolate Swiss rolls!

ETA: I did not make the chocolate rolls. Hopefully soon, though. :)

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