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Day 42 (10/10): Caramel Toffees

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

I now officially have a caramel obsession! For day 41, I wanted to make the chewy Ellora toffees, but the recipe I used gave a hard toffee. Apparently, you need to add double the cream mentioned for a chewier toffee.

Nevertheless, these toffees are amazing! I would make them again. I was expecting a flashback to my childhood – eating the Ellora toffees, but instead, I was nostalgic about eating Alpenliebe. Haha, it looks like I got what I wanted with a twist.

I wrapped up the toffees in parchment paper and tied a ribbon around them! They look so cute :)

These are some pictures:

Wrapped toffees

Unwrapped toffee

See you guys today (oops, I forgot to post at night!)

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