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Day 44 (12/10): Lemon Mousse

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

On day 44, I made lemon mousse. I love everything lemon, so I was excited to make this.

I used my favourite lemon curd recipe (from Sally's Baking Addiction), which makes about one ramekin of lemon curd. I used only two to three tablespoons. I combined the curd with half a cup of whip topping and a tablespoon of sugar (you can adjust the amount of sugar to taste).

Then came the gel topping! I eyeballed everything in this recipe (water, sugar, cornflour, flavoured essence, and food colouring), but if you're looking for more concise measurements, this recipe should suffice your needs.

This recipe should serve two people (half a cup each).


I used my sprinkles as an accessory :D

A picture in the sun!

See you tomorrow!

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