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Day 55 (23/10): Microwave Muffins

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS. These muffins are AMAZING – and they "bake" for only thirty seconds!

As you would have noticed (with the large number of recipes I've been trying from Emma), I've been obsessed with Emma's Goodies these days. I've binged-watched almost all of her videos, and this recipe is, hands down, the best "quick" recipe of hers that I have come across. It wasn't that the taste of the muffins was different or better than other chocolate muffins – it was simply that they tasted like chocolate muffins. Usually, muffins can take up to thirty minutes in the oven, but these ones took only thirty seconds.

If you are craving something sweet, try this. The only part where you really have to wait is for the muffins to cool, but that's it. Though if you're frosting them, I'd recommend cooling the frosting for a few minutes. BUT DID I MENTION THE THIRTY SECONDS?!

Here is the POTD (I'm sticking with this now):

You can see the perfect inside of the cupcake in this picture. Actually, not really. The angle isn't too great – oops :D

Also, I finally got larger piping tips. HUZZAH!

Scroll on, viewer!

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