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Day 58 (26/10): Skillet Cookie

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

I was in a hurry to make this recipe since I was losing out on time for homework. Since I didn't browse enough stove skillet recipes, I just used an oven.

The skillet we have at home (that has a plastic handle) can't go in the oven. I used a small glass container instead of a skillet. Honestly, I would not recommend the full-sized version since it is too much to eat (even for a family of four). I ended up with quite a bit of cookie with Nutella on top. It was tasty, but having a large serving felt like literal gluttony.

I have now frozen it – probably to be eaten over a month.

TLDR; Half the recipe given in the video.


A slice of the cookie!

See you!

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