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Day 64 (01/11): Mini Birthday Cake

I went into this recipe thinking that it was an easy hack for lunchbox cakes. I love lunchbox cakes, but making a sheet cake can be exhausting, and I was looking for an easy way out. Welcome to my first mistake.

The vanilla cake from this recipe turned out quite soft, so it was a nightmare to decorate with buttercream. I had to freeze the cake after the crumb coat just to make the cake stable enough to decorate!

I planned to do a fancy drip, but the gel I made had too many clots (Remember this? It came back to bite me in the arse. Who told me that eyeballing recipes was a good idea?), so the drip looked like jam. Also, the gel was still hot, so when I piped the buttercream on, it melted. Then, I made a mess with rainbow sprinkles and almost ruined my entire pack.

This is where I would say, "it was not my day," but if you haven't got that by now...

I wanted to pull Heather's "I quiiiittttt," but luckily, I had just enough willpower to freeze, remove, and do a simple design.

Overall, I think it turned out to be a cute cake! I got to use my new fancy piping tip. It took me hours, but at least I now know what not to do.

TLDR; Please don't use buttercream on soft cakes.


See you tomorrow. :)

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