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Day 65 (02/11): Jalebi (Indian Funnel Cake)

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

For day 65, I made jalebi! I came across an Instagram post by Bake With Shivesh (a forever icon), where he made jalebi for the first time. The video left me with two very important questions in mind: 1) why has Shivesh never made jalebi before, and 2) is jalebi simple to make?

To answer past me's question (singular – I still don't know the answer to the first question) — while the recipe is simple, the piping is a whole different ballgame. It's almost impossible to get perfectly curved lines without squiggles.

After attempting this, my respect for vendors who make fresh jalebi in seconds went through the roof. They have actual ROUND jalebis. Though I managed to make a few letters (and a heart!), I'm nowhere even close to the circular shape. I'm going to have to ask them to teach me their magical ways.

ALSO, does anyone remember eating jalebis with imli chutney? My brother still finds it questionable, but I think this is the only proper way to eat jalebi. I mean, the way the tartness of the chutney balances the sweetness of the sugar syrup? Gordon Ramsey would be proud.

PS: These taste great without the sugar syrup as well! Try it. :)

Here are the pictures!

This is the heart-shaped jalebi! I made the letters A, V, and K as well, but the pictures came out a bit shaky. I would redo them, but they are long gone and digested by happy stomachs :D

See you tomorrow for mini marshmallows!

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