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Day 68 (05/11): Peanut Butter Brownies

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

On day 68, I decided to make some brownies because they make life a thousand times better with their signature gooey insides and crispy tops. I've been eyeing this brownie recipe for a while, so I decided to put it to the test to find out if it is the best fudgy brownie recipe as it claims to be.

The recipe was simple and came together in a snap! +1 for easiness. I made it with my dad, and we took about 20 minutes to get the batter ready (we did half the recipe, though).

The brownie base was a simple chocolate brownie, but I made some peanut butter swirlie-whirlies (I cannot figure out if this is the correct spelling) for fun! For the swirlie-whirlies, I combined a teaspoon of peanut butter with a tiny bit of water, then spread four dollops of the mixture in the brownie batter, and finally swirled using a toothpick. If you're making these brownies, you have to do this! Swirls make the top look SO elegant — and they are so easy that it's laughable.

The brownie took around 30 minutes to bake and came out so soft. You could taste a hint of the peanut butter, which I really liked. It's not overwhelmingly peanut-y — just enough to make you appreciate the taste.

Final verdict: I'd rank this brownie recipe above Preppy Kitchen's brownie recipe, but I think that it's not quite on the level of Cupcake Jemma's Brownies.

Here's a picture of the brownies:

My first time using Adobe Lightroom for editing — I love it!

See you tomorrow. :D

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