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Day 70 (07/11): Choco Pies

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

PSA: I MADE CHOCO PIES. (Yes, this deserves an announcement. If I had five seconds to say anything to the entire world, this would be my chosen statement)

I have wanted to make choco pies ever since I heard that you could make it at home. I mean, how cool is it to casually drop this gem in a conversation? ("Yeah, I was just making some choco pies — what about you?") I was one of those kids who used to eat choco pie at least three days a week in break, so I was so excited to try a homemade version. Honestly, the only reason I made the mini marshmallows from a few days ago was to use them as a filling in choco pie (hehe, ulterior motive).

Choco pies are easy to make (click here for the recipe) if you already have marshmallow fluff/mini marshmallows to fill the interior. Then, all you have to do is make the base and coat them with chocolate!

I made these gigantic choco pies with my dad in under an hour. I've been making a lot of mini stuff lately, so it was a nice change.

The outside

The inside

A picture of my mom with the choco pie cake in the shape of a heart

I've been loving recreating store-bought foods at home! Comment any ideas you have for me to try next!

See you tomorrow for caramel shortbread bars. :D

Edited to add the picture of my mom

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