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Day 73 (10/11): Blue Meringue Cookies

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Meringue cookies are my new favourite snack. They're like sweet crunchy chips. You can easily pop a few into your mouth after a meal or after a tiring day, and feel so much better. Honestly, they could be a nice movie-hall snack. I think they fall into that category.

This is my third time making meringue cookies! I'd actually forgotten that I had made meringue cookies a second time until I remembered the horror. I had left the cookies out overnight, and they deflated. I had made those for an order, too! It was so awkward having to cancel last-minute because they take so long to bake, and I couldn't possibly fulfil the order.

So this time, I followed a different recipe, and I got AMAZING results. Also, I have bigger piping tips now, so the cookies turned out even better.

I dyed the cookies baby blue because I felt like it. It's a pretty colour. Haha, there is really not much to say there.

Here are a few pictures:

Let me know if you have recipes you'd like to see me try. :)

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