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Day 79 (16/11): No-torch Crème Brûlée (And Eggnog?)

Updated: May 29, 2022

For day 79, I made no torch crème brûlée. If I'm being real, these failed so hard. The custard was undercooked even though I baked it for longer than the recipe specified.

The brûlée was overcooked? It was way too hard and thick.

I just felt like I couldn't find a balance with this recipe, however hard I tried. It didn't work out. Oh well. Life sucks. We move on.

I did make a kind of eggnog-y drink with the undercooked custard, though. I just added a few tablespoons of milk to the custard with ice. It tasted surprisingly good. :D

This is a picture of the drink:

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