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Food Fails: Dippin' Dots

Day 126 (2nd January 2022)

Most of us are under the impression that food bloggers make PERFECT food every time. I don't know, maybe they do? I'm not really a food blogger.

On a more serious note, I'm still (relatively) new to this, and it's so hard to make something photographable every single day. This time, I truly failed. (I'm editing this at the moment, and this sounds so dramatic, lol)

I piped greek yoghurt (+ honey) and froze it*. Except the tray wasn't fitting in the freezer, so I thought it would be okay to leave the tray outside because it's cold, right? WRONG. It turned into dried yoghurt. It didn't taste too bad — kind of like healthy bubblegum, but it looks so weird.

I would definitely not recommend banking on mother nature for freezing food. Not the best idea.

* This is the recipe I followed (or, at least, attempted to).

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