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Hand-pulled Noodles, Bang Bang Cauliflower, and Cucumber Salad!

Recently, we went to VietNom in Cyber Hub and had some of the best Vietnamese food I've ever tasted — pho, vegan Saigon meat, and baos!

Inspired by the meal, I decided to make hand-pulled noodles, Asian cucumber, and bang bang cauliflower. They're not traditional Vietnamese dishes, but they do use similar techniques and have a similar flavour palette.

I used this recipe to make the Asian cucumber salad and this recipe to make the bang bang cauliflower — both of them tasted amazing!

I had such a hard time making the hand-pulled noodles, though. The reci[e by Tiffy Cooks did not work for me at all. It is a hard technique to master, though, so I'll try again and report back :D

Hope y'all enjoyed this post!

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