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Happy 75th :)

It was nani's 75th birthday today! What a huge milestone.

We had a wonderful dinner in Delhi with our extended family. Towards the end of the dinner, everyone got up to toast nani and said these cute-on-the-spot speeches about her. I loved it :)

I didn't want to make a cake for a birthday, because that's cliché and I wanted to do something different. So, I made cinnamon rolls! I had loads of leftover bread flour from my research paper experiments, so I put it to use here.

I used this recipe, and oh, my god, did the cinnamon rolls taste good! You MUST try making these. I've made cinnamon rolls with AP flour before, and I really believe that using bread flour made the rolls taste much better.

Also, yes, I did slather them in cream cheese frosting — don't worry, I'm not an animal :P

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