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Happy Birthday, Adhyan!

Day 277 (2nd June)

Yes, I happen to think a plant background makes food look more appetising. Don't make me mention it every time.

Anyway, it's my brother's birthday on the 2nd. I like him as my sib, so I made him a cake. Even though he's in another country? Whatever, more cake for me.

I used the mango "mug" cake recipe from Bake With Shivesh, but I used a circular container. Then, I chilled the cake for around 30 minutes.

In the meantime, I whipped up some cream and learnt how to make a mango rose from this tutorial.

I then chopped my mango and arranged it on top of the whipped cream — that's all!

(Also, Adhyan, you better comment. Just so I know that you're actually reading this :D I'm serious, though. Comment. Now. Okay, toodles.)

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