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Hasselback Apple (EL not LE)

Day 191 (8th March)

Is it just me, or does everyone love Winny Hayes' videos? It is strangely calming to see what her kids are eating for lunch. Does that sound creepy? Should I stop?

Anyway, I saw this on one of her videos, and I had to make it! She got the recipe from Tasty, so that's where I headed to find my coveted recipe.

Hasselback apples are a no-fuss dessert. This recipe is going in my "easy to make ASAP" list because they are perfect for when you have a sweet tooth.

You can make the apple with a crumble topping as well, but I chose to leave that out. It did sound heavenly. :o

PS: If you saw my foot in the picture: no, you didn't.

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