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Heart Cookies <3

Day 121 (perfect square!): 28th December 2021

I made these heart sugar cookies for our trip to Mussoorie. For the cookie base, I used the Nino's Home recipe. For the icing, I used Sally's recipe.

I thoroughly enjoyed making these because I'm currently in vacation mode. School's almost out for the winter, so I'm open to trying new recipes with all the shiny, new tools I bought (look at me acting like Bob the Builder).

I used my new pack of meringue powder for the icing. I spent a long time figuring it out. The icing was way too runny, and I essentially had to pour it on the cookies using a ladle. Final consensus: royal icing, with egg whites, is better. I'm open to trying out new cookie icing recipes, though. Drop some in the comments. :)

Also, I'm in love with these heart cookie cutters — SO CUTE!

My cousins helped style this picture, and honestly, they KILLED it!

See y'all (in Mussoorie) :o

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