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Day 106 (13/12): Hot Chocolate

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Ahh, hot chocolate — the nectar of the gods.

Honestly, for top-notch hot chocolate, all you need is good quality chocolate and fatty milk. That's all.

Should I type out a recipe?


Recipe (Serves One)


50 grams of dark chocolate

One and a half cups of milk

Optional (highly recommended): A dollop of whipped cream and an extra chocolate cube for grating on top


1) Cut the dark chocolate into small cubes.

2) Add the milk and the chocolate to a saucepan.

3) Melt the two together for about three minutes. Stir continuously.

4) Add the drink to a mug.

5) Top with whipped cream and grated chocolate.

6) Serve warm (duh).

That's all. Now you know how to make hot chocolate.

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