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I Did My Waiting... Twelve Years Of It

Day 284 (9th June)

You know that unbelievably sad feeling you get when you know that you've eaten something mind-blowingly delicious, but you don't know the name of the food, so you can't find it ever again? Just me?

Well, that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach has finally dissipated because I did find the name of the food I'd been searching for: Darsaan.

I ate these crispy fried honey noodles a few times when I was younger (and absolutely loved them), but I didn't know the dish's name, so I couldn't order it again. Whenever I tried to describe the dish to someone — in hopes that they would place it — I was unsuccessful.

Until one fateful day, years after I had given up any hopes of tasting this delectable dish again, my mother nonchalantly mentioned darsaan in a conversation. I was shell-shocked. She told me I was overreacting.

I used this recipe, but with an air-fryer, so I could feel better about the crap I was funnelling into my body. I just air-fried the strips for ten minutes (shaking them violently at the halfway mark) at 180 degrees Celsius instead of oil-frying them.

Also, I added two scoops of vanilla ice cream when I served the dessert because it's my life. I'm 17 and don't have to worry about heart failure just yet (if you're my doctor, I think we'd be better off pretending that you never saw this :D).

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