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I'm Eggshuasted: Omelette

Updated: May 28, 2022

Day 129 (5th January 2022)

I didn't feel like baking today, so I decided to blog about my lazy breakfast choices. I used my dad's help because he's the master of all things eggy in our home. All we did was:

1) Crack an egg (duh).

2) Whisk till frothy.

3) Chop some veggies! Onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers are what I used.

4) Combine the egg with the veggies.

5) Season with salt, pepper, and other random spices you may like (we used garam masala and chat masala because why not?).

6) Heat a non-stick pan with salted butter.

7) Add your omelette mixture.

8) Cook till the top is not mushy.

9) Flip!

10) Add some basil to feel fancy, and enjoy!

Also, eat with ketchup. Yes, this is controversial, but I 100% stand by it.

Till tomorrow :)

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