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I Physically Cannot Express How Good This Cheesecake Was

Day 311 (6th July)

This single-serve cheesecake was honestly WAY too good. I would have added whipped cream on top or taken a proper photoshoot with this delicacy had I not wanted to scarf it down that very moment.

I used Ash Baber's single-serve cheesecake recipe (but times 1.5 because it wasn't fitting in my glass, and I'm just greedy like that).

This single-serve cheesecake was so good that I almost ate all of the batter before adding it to the glass. I had to stop myself from licking the whole thing.

Onto the more important things, I made this cheesecake Nutella flavoured. So, for the biscuit base, I used plain digestive biscuits combined with ghee because I didn't feel like walking to the fridge to get butter. Also, I topped the cheesecake with more Nutella.

This is one of my new favourite desserts.

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