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I Used An Oven For This Spaghetti

Updated: May 16, 2022

Day 252 (8th May)

It's Mothers' Day today! Hehe, I fooled y'all with yesterday's post <| : )

Doesn't this emoticon look so good?

Anyway, moving on to more pressing matters — I made spaghetti! Those that have been following the blog for a while now (hi, mama and papa) know that my track record with pasta isn't the best. I'm really trying, though. Stove-top cooking & Akshara maybe just isn't meant to be.

Even though the pasta didn't turn out as perfect as I wanted it to be, I think I have improved quite a bit. I used this recipe by Meghna's Munchies but substituted the nutritional yeast with cheese. I also added a few tablespoons of pasta water (because that's what all fancy chefs do) and some tomato puree to the pasta!

It wasn't the best pasta I've had but not the worst either. :/

Also, yes, I used an oven to roast the bell pepper :D

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