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If A Chocotorta & A Tiramisu Had A Baby...

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

It would be this dessert! Recently, I've been trying to explore and make desserts out of my comfort zone. Tiramisu is one dessert that I have not yet mastered — even though I have made quite a few variations over the years.

However, I didn't want to make a classic tiramisu, so I switched it up a bit.

This is the closest I have come to making the most delicious tiramisu. I think I've cracked the secret:

  • Dipping the biscuits in the coffee for a longer amount of time. I was so afraid that the biscuits would fall apart in the coffee that I barely dipped them — don't be afraid to get them a bit soggy.

  • It helps if you make the coffee stronger than usual — I think using coffee-flavoured crackers helped deepen the classic tiramisu taste.

  • Lastly, use more layers of biscuit. I usually did only one in each tiramisu, which now looking back, is wild to me! I would say use the same number of biscuit layers and cream layers.

I made this for my dad's birthday! Enjoy a picture of him lovingly staring at the cake :)

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