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Lemon Chia Seeds Pancake

Day 233 (19th April)

Sometimes, things don't go your way. Don't get me wrong, these pancakes were so delicious that I could eat them stack by stack, but the photography of these has me bummed.

I don't like taking pictures at night because there isn't enough light. I so wanted to redo these, but I don't have enough time with homework, projects, and whatnot. This is kind of the nature of this challenge, though — I've accepted that sometimes the food I make might not look as good or taste as good, and I might not have a chance to redo it on the same day.

I will be making these with lemon curd next time ( I used whipped cream and strawberry jam this time) and properly browning them on both sides. Watch out for it :)

Also, I have to mention that I used this recipe! The pancakes were SO yummy and healthy, so it was a big win. Instead of using a tablespoon of poppy seeds, I used three tablespoons of chia seeds — worked out just fine!

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