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Mango Cake Jar (Microwave Recipe!)

Day 231 (17th April)

I'm so glad mangoes are back in season again. I feel like I didn't appreciate them much last year, so I'm glad I have a do-over. :D

For day 231, I put a ~twist~ on Shivesh's new mango mug cake recipe. I made the cake in the microwave and plopped it out of the mug.

Then, I whipped some heavy cream with sugar and cut some mango pieces. I assembled the whipped cream, mango, and cake in a jar to make a mango cake jar!

It tasted like a classic Diwali Mela dessert — quite good for only about ten minutes of actual effort. Plus, it looks impressive with the whipped cream on top.

Definitely one of my favourite microwave recipes — make sure to add it to your lists!

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