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Mango Shrikhand Is A Game Changer

Day 276 (1st June)

Happy Pride!

This post isn't pride-themed, but I plan to make something rainbow-coloured soon :)

I made mango shrikhand today. The recipe is similar to my earlier shrikhand recipe, except this is mango-flavoured. Duh.

Recipe (for two servings*)


  • Half a kilogram of store-bought thick yoghurt

  • Half a cup of mango puree

  • One-fourth cup of powdered sugar (can be adjusted according to the sweetness of the mango puree)

Special tools:

  • Muslin cloth

  • Sieve


  • Start by taking the yoghurt and placing it in a muslin cloth.

  • Place the muslin cloth in a sieve over a bowl.

  • Squeeze the yoghurt till the whey starts to come out.

  • Tie a tight knot in the muslin cloth.

  • Let the whey drip from the yoghurt for about thirty minutes.

  • Squeeze it one more time before proceeding.

Note: The whey can be used instead of water in making doughs.

  • Mix all the ingredients together.

  • Add more sugar according to taste.

  • Refrigerate for two hours.

  • Serve with freshly cut mango on top.

*I ate all of it in one go — definitely enough for two people, though.

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